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From 22nd to 25th April Vivaterra Argentina will exhibit at the famous tradeshow in Argentina where happiness & luxury meet together

Receiving buyers over 30 countries, this event promotes the Luxury tourism industry combined with happiness. A non-conventional tradeshow that aims to propagate during these days’ joy and happy memories as a main souvenir for all participants.

In this opportunity we will be hosting a POST – EMOTIONS TRIP to the Highest Wine Route in the World in the Calchaquí Valleys. In the Northwest of Argentina, Cafayate, the ultimate vine-escape, Grace Cafayate Resort & SPA will sponsor a Luxury trip, with other recognized wineries, restaurants and Estancias, tasting Premium Wines.

This experience will be accompanied by a breathtaking landscape, through the scenic route 68, While you get a visual feast from the road itself, “The Devil’s Throat” and, “The Amphitheatre are some of the mains attraction you will see.

Surrounded by clean skies and sunny days, is Cafayate is the land of Altitude Wines. Here, grapes mature slowly and wisely, under the attentive supervision of the winemakers, necessary condition.

Be part of this journey to the Northwest exploring with us unique landscapes that will leave you speechless.


The airline has announced this new route starting from June this year.

VIVATERRA ARGENTINA DMC professional MICE staff will meet you in our stand to show you our product launches and services for your next incentive in South-America.

Argentina keeps growing as one of the main destinations for major events. During this year, the G-20 Summit will be for the first time held in South America, from November 27th until December 2nd in Buenos Aires and previous meetings in Mendoza, Bariloche, Iguazú, Calafate, Ushuaia, Salta, among other states. Besides, from 6th to 18th October, Buenos Aires will host the Youth Olympic Games, the world’s largest multi-sport event for high-performance young athletes, promoted by the International Olympic Committee.

If you are a hosted buyer do not forget to set an appointment through our online system.

Discover with us the most austral country of South America while enjoying a glass of Malbec or trying some Tango steps with our dancers.

We will meet you soon in Frankfurt!



Nine Argentinean restaurants rank the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants of 2017 list with a special mention of Chef’s Choice Award for Martitegui.

Tegui, voted per fifth consecutive year as the best restaurant of Buenos Aires, placed the 10th position of the ranking of 2017. In addition, his renowned Chef Martitegui won the Chef’s Choice award, voted per the Chef contestants. The stylish restaurant opened its doors in Uco Valley from 27th February until 7th April, in SuperUco Winery, facing the spectacular Andes Mountain.

Another Argentinean restaurants are breaking into the cuisine scene finding their position in the best Restaurants of the Latin American Cuisine: Elena Restaurant, Don Julio, El Baqueano, Chila, Crizia, Aramburu, Propper & Mishiguene are also part of this top selection of Latin America’s Best Restaurants.

The complete list is below:

  1. Maido (Lima, Peru)
  2. Central  (Lima, Peru)
  3. D.O.M. (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  4. Pujol (Mexico City, Mexico)
  5. Boragó (Santiago de Chile, Chile)
  6. Quintonil (Mexico City, Mexico)
  7. Astrid & Gaston (Lima, Peru)
  8. A casa do Porco  (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  9. Mani (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  10. Tegui (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  11. Sud 777 (Mexico City, Mexico)
  12. Osso Carniceria & Salumeria (Lima, Peru)
  13. Don Julio (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  14. 99 (Santiago de Chile, Chile)
  15. La Mar (Lima, Peru)
  16. Lasai (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  17. Harry Sasson (Bogotá, Colombia)
  18. Leo (Bogotá, Colombia)
  19. El Baqueano (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  20. Maito (Panamá city, Panamá)
  21. Isolina (Lima, Peru)
  22. Parador La Huella (José Ignacio, Uruguay)
  23. Olympe (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  24. Rafael (Lima, Peru)
  1. Pangea (Monterrey, Mexico)
  2. Chila (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  3. Mocotó (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  4. Gustu (La Paz, Bolivia)
  5. Nicos (Mexico City, Mexico)
  6. Malabar (Lima, Peru)
  7. Biko (Mexico City, Mexico)
  8. Amaranta (Toluca, México)
  9. Ambrosia (Santiago de Chile, Chile)
  10. Corazón de Tierra (Valle de Guadalupe, México)
  11. Roseta (Mexico City, Mexico)
  12. Alcalde (Guadalajara, México)
  13. Elena (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  14. Restaurante 040 (Santiago de Chile, Chile)
  15. Máximo Bistrot (Mexico City, Mexico)
  16. Villanos en Bermudas (Bogotá, Colombia)
  17. Esquina Mocotó (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  18. Laja (Valle de Guadalupe, México)
  19. La Docena Oyster Bar & Grill (Guadalajara, México)
  20. Aramburu (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  21. Tuju (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  22. Fiesta (Lima, Peru)
  23. Amaz (Lima, Peru)
  24. Crizia (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  25. Propper (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  26. Mishiguene(Buenos Aires, Argentina)


The famous shopping Assistant & trend hunter Vanessa Bell, invites you to visit the Argentinean’s capital from a non-touristy perspective.

Bespoke trend hunting, tailor made tours of architecture, art, interior design, leather and artisian goods and fashion, are some of the expertise areas of the founder of Creme de la Créme BA.

The freelancer journalist, raised by an Argentinean mother, was born in Paris and lived in UK for a while before setting up in Buenos Aires, where she has become an important benchmark for lifestyle, food & fashion.

The experiences Vanessa provides are planned according to a questionnaire filled in by the guests previous to their arrival, in order to focus on their interests and expectations.

All tours remark non-traditional places and a carefully curated selection of the best of the city has to offer.

It is possible now to discover Buenos Aires with customized tours, from a selection of the most exciting and emerging fashion Designers, who work behind closed doors or in showrooms, to interior design, antiques, artisan and luxury leather goods to, artists and independent galleries.

Take the chance to focus on the alternative and insider view of the city through art deco, modernism, postmodernism and retro styles.

When attending Vanessa’s tours you will definitely l see the hidden and authentic gems that cannot be missed while visiting this exuberant city.


One of the most famous cable car in the world will be closed for maintenance service this year.

There are two cable cars that offer amazing views of the marvelous city, connecting to the summit, 396 meters above Rio de Janeiro.

The line that connects Praia Vermelha to Urca Morro will be closed from 6th to 11th April, from 21st to 25th May & 3th and 4th October. While the other main line which connects Morro de Urca with Sugar Loaf, will be only accessible up to Morro de Urca from May 7th to May 10th and September 19th & 20th , with a reduction on ticket fares. The first cable car ascends 220m to Morro da Urca. From here, you can see Baía de Guanabara (Guanabara Bay) and the winding coastline; on the ocean side of the mountain is Praia Vermelha.
The second cable car goes up to Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf). At the top, the city unfolds beneath you, with Corcovado Mountain and Cristo Redentor (Reedemer Christ) off to the west, and Copacabana Beach to the south. However, is still possible to get picturesque views of the big metropolis from another non touristic viewpoints like Pedra do Pontal or Mirante Dona Marta that are inspiring to appreciate sunset.


The tours visiting the Red Lagoon in Potosi are temporarily cancelled until further notice.

The Ministry of Tourism & Culture of the Potosí region has ordered the entrance prohibition to the Eduardo Abaroa Natural Reserve, where the lagoons are found, due to social issues that are blocking all access.

Also known as the red lagoon, the shallow salt lake lies in southwest Bolivia. It offers is found in fascinating landscapes, fauna and flora. The Laguna Colorada, (Red Lagoon), is home to the famous James Flamingos, unique in its species.

This iconic lagoon sometimes turns a deep red color because of the combination of reddish sediment in its surface, and the pigmentation of a certain type of seaweed at its bottom. The lake is found on the Altiplano plateau, in the Andes mountain range, which can be seen in the horizon.

Another famous and nearby attraction, the Uyuni Salt Flats, are commonly visited when travelling to Bolivia. The incredible mirror –like lakes are the biggest flats of South America, and certainly one of the most well-known postcards of the country.

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