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Anyone national or foreigner, traveling to endemic areas must show the Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate, otherwise it will proceed to his vaccination.

In compliance with the new provisions of the National Directorate of Migration of Bolivia, from the current day, it will be required to show the Yellow Fever vaccination certificate to anyone entering or leaving the territory of Bolivia, towards or from the following states: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana Francesa, Guyana, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela.

In case of passengers that arrive Bolivia but remain in traffic to international connections, this requirement will not be requested.

Please bear in mind that from this day every passenger who does not present the certificate, will not be allowed to him to board the corresponding flight

We urgently request to warn all passengers who havea ticket issued subsequent to the indicated travel date.



Exempt from the requirement of temporary visa in the migratory qualities of Tourist and Business to nationals from the Republic of India, holding a Valid Visa or residence in USA, the UK or Australia.

The Peruvian Foreign Affairs Ministry waived tourist and business visitor visa requirement for incoming Indian nationals through Supreme Decree N° 006-2017-RE published on Monday  6th of March of the current year in El Peruano official gazette.

The exemption will apply to Indian citizens holding a visa for at least six months or a permanent resident status in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia or any Schengen State.

In accordance with the provisions outlined in article 11 of the Aliens Act, as amended by Legislative Decree No. 1043, the migratory status of tourist corresponds to those who enter the country without spirit of residence and with the purpose of sightseeing or recreational activities or the like; not being allowed to engage in gainful activity or non-profit organizations, as well as the migratory status of business corresponds to those who enter the country without spirit of residence and with the purpose of making business, legal or similar, being allowed to sign contracts or transactions; being those qualities, migratory species, to which it is temporary visa, under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

That, in such a Meaning, it is appropriate to exempt from the visa requirement for the migratory qualities of tourist and business, to nationals of the Republic of India to be carriers of visas or proof of permanent residence in the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Australia or in a State belonging to the Schengen Area;

The document stipulates that Indian nationals shall enter Peru visa free for a stay of up to 180 days, either for a continuous visit or several consecutive visits, within a 12-month period.

The present Supreme Decree shall enter into force twenty (20) calendar days counted from the day following that of its publication in the Official Journal El Peruano.



The city began to perceive the funds raised from the new tax, which is retained to visitors staying in hotels, hostels, campsites, cabins and residences rented enabled.

The resources will be directed to a fund to improve the tourism infrastructure. By Municipal Resolution and with effect from the day , all accommodations in San Carlos Bariloche must charge tourists a fee called “ECO tax “ per guest with a maximum of three overnights per person.

 The provision states that:

  • All accommodations of San Carlos de Bariloche must charge to tourists in concept of the ECO tax, three (3) overnights maximum per stay per person.
  • The payment of the ECO tax has to be made directly in the accommodation,at the moment of the check out.
  • The tariff schedule will be as follows (The values are per night per person in dollars at the current exchange rate):
    • 1 Star accommodation: USD 1
    • 2 Star accommodation: USD 2
    • 3 Star accommodation: USD 3
    • 4 Star accommodation: USD 4
    • 5 Star accommodation: USD 5
  • Accommodation Category: USD 1 (Bed & Breakfast - Lodging)
  • Will be exempted from paying the ecotax:
    • Residents (of Bariloche) evidencing real address with ID (Original and copy) - Children under the age of 14 years that prove identity and date of birth with ID/ Passport or any other valid document.
    • Passengers with disabilities: will require original and copy of the certificate of disability in conjunction with the copy and original of the ID.
    • Athletes under the age of 18 years old to submit original and copy of the ID and the document to confirm that attends an official sporting event organized by the National, Provincial or Municipal (Argentina). These values apply until 31 December 2017. May be altered only by ordinance.
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